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Underrated UK – Top things to do in Lincoln

Lincoln is one of the nearest cities to my hometown, so it’s not surprising it’s one of my favourite places for a day out. Lincoln is a seriously wonderful city. It has plenty of culture, bags of history as well as all the modern-day shops and bars you could want in a city centre.

Maybe not as well-known as other cities around it, Lincoln is often not as busy, but is equally as lovely. It’s a place I think should be on everyone’s UK bucket list. And I’m going to fill you in on all my favourite things to do while you’re there.

Lincoln Cathedral.

Lincoln Castle, the Magna Carta & Victorian Prison

Perhaps my favourite part of Lincoln and somewhere I can’t believe me and my family only decided to explore a few years ago!

At the top on Lincoln sits both the Castle and Cathedral – perfect for anyone who loves a bit of British history and culture.

A single ticket gets you access to all three attractions on offer in the castle – the Medieval Wall Walk, the Victorian Prison and the Magna Carta exhibition. This castle day ticket costs a bargain £13.50 for an adult and is well worth it.

You can also buy a ticket that includes access to the cathedral as well. This costs £17.20 for an adult, which works out at only £4.30 an attraction!

If you do anything while up this end of the city make sure it’s the Medieval Wall Walk. You get to see some seriously stunning views of the city and surrounding areas, including the nearby cathedral.

Dotted along the wall are also little facts to read as you walk, which fill you in on all the history of the castle – including royal visitors, battles and even public hangings.

I’m so glad me and my sister persuaded my mum to face her fear of heights and go up there! There’s nothing better than viewing a city from above.

If you’re tight for time you can buy a ticket that just allows you to walk the wall for £7.50 per adult.

The Medieval Wall Walk at Lincoln Castle.

In the centre of Lincoln Castle is the old Victorian prison. I found the prison incredibly interesting and would definitely recommend taking a look while you’re at the castle.

There were 7 murderers hung at the castle while the prison was open, which was home to both men and women, as well as children as young 8! So plenty of gruesome history to learn about.

Each prison cell has a mini-exhibit in it that either tells you about life in the prison as a whole or about a specific prisoner. There are also lots of interactive games and screens which are perfect for children – or adults who are still kids at heart!

Funnily enough, the creepiest part of the whole prison is the chapel but I won’t ruin the surprise and tell you why…

In the same building as the prison is the Magna Carta Vault. To celebrate 800 years of the Magna Carta, Lincoln Castle created the vault to display the copy of the document held within the city.

It’s the only place in the world where an original 1215 Magna Carta and 1217 Charter of the Forest can be seen side by side. And, if like me, you don’t really understand what that means there’s a video that explains it all to you before you go in.

The Victorian Prison at Lincoln Castle.

Steep Hill & Cute Cafés

Steep Hill is exactly what it says on the tin – a really steep hill.

It connects the modern city centre with the castle and cathedral and is lined with the cutest little cafés and independent shops the whole way up.

There is everything from vintage clothes shops, secondhand bookstores and old-fashioned sweet shops. It’s a great place for some window shopping and I love wandering in and out of the old buildings, taking in everything Lincoln has to offer.

A personal favourite of mine is Roly Poly’s fudge shop at the top of Steep Hill – some of the best handmade fudge around.

After all that walking you’re probably going to want a proper cup of tea and some cake – this is England after all. Luckily nearly every other building around Steep Hill is a little independent café serving homemade food and a good old cuppa.

Last time I tried one at the very bottom of the hill called Café Bobbins. It has a very cute sewing theme and the homemade cakes are to die for! Thoroughly recommend.

The Basecamp cafe on Steep Hill, Lincoln

City Centre & Food on the Waterfront

If you’re in the mood for more modern shops then head into Lincoln City centre.

You can find all your normal high street shops as well as restaurants and pubs – for that well-earned pint after climbing Steep Hill.

But don’t worry there’s still plenty of character, charm and history in this part of the city.

One of the most interesting parts of Lincoln is High Bridge. High Bridge is the oldest bridge in Britain that still has buildings on it.

And, in true British style, those buildings are now a café and a pasty shop!

If you head under High Bridge and follow the river you’ll find a lot of restaurants on the waterfront. This is where I like to finish a day in Lincoln.

They’re mostly modern restaurant chains like Prezzo and Ask Italian, but with pretty views and a glass of wine, it provides a relaxing end to the day.

If you’re planning on staying in Lincoln a little later, then there’s also the infamous Trebles located in the city centre. Where, like the name suggests, the standard drink is a treble spirit and mixer!

High Bridge, Lincoln.

Have you ever been to Lincoln? If so what are you favourite parts? Do you think I’ve missed anything? Have I made you want to visit yet? (Please say yes!)

Underrated UK is a little series I started to highlight some of the lesser known places in the UK that I love. You can read my first post in the series here.

Are there any underrated places near you? If so, I’d love to hear about them!

All my love,

Find out what the best things to do in Lincoln are. Including Lincoln Castle, Lincoln Cathedral, cute cafes, vintage shops, and restaurants along the riverfront.
Find out what the best things to do in Lincoln are. Including Lincoln Castle, Lincoln Cathedral, cute cafes, vintage shops, and restaurants along the riverfront.

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