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Scandinavia in Two Weeks: A Whistle Stop Tour.

If you follow me over on Instagram (and if not then you’re 100% missing out!) then you’ll know I’ve just got back from a two week trip around Scandinavia.

Covering four of the region’s capitals in all there snow covered glory it was a pretty magical time.

Once again we booked our trip through the lovely people at Euroventure. I can’t tell you how I love the company and the people behind it! If you want to learn more about them, or how to go about booking your own trip then make sure you read this.

Despite being well known for being some of the most expensive places in Europe, I fell in love with Scandinavia.

I also think deciding to brave the cold and explore during the winter was the best decision we could have made.

Just like Greek Island hopping is probably better done in the summer sun, Scandinavia comes into its own when there’s snow on the ground. I mean what’s more incredible than walking over a frozen lake to a cute little cafe inside a tiny red cabin.

So my advice: go out, buy as many jumpers as possible, and then next winter head out on this whistle stop, two-week tour of Scandinavia.

Our Two-week Scandinavia Itinerary.

So let’s get down to business:

Stop 1: Copenhagen (3 nights)

Travel: Flight from London Gatwick to Copenhagen Airport (2 hours).

Accommodation: Private room at Generator Copenhagen (hostel).

Pretty little Copenhagen is a must-see city and probably my favourite place on this itinerary. Spend your days strolling the streets with a coffee and danish pastry in hand. Make sure not to miss the famous little mermaid statue as well as picturesque Nyhavn Harbour. Hope on a boat and tour the canals, then spend your evenings at the magical world of Tivoli.

Stop 2: Oslo (2 nights)

Travel: Flixbus from Copenhagen to Olso (8 hours).

Accommodation: Double room at First Hotel Millenium (hotel).

You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to things to do in Oslo. If it’s architecture you’re after don’t miss the iconic Opera House. If art is more your thing, take a trip to Vigeland Sculpture Park. Or maybe visit one of Oslo’s many museums. And if you decide to stay for longer then why not take a trip to see the incredible Norweigan Fjords.

Stop 3: Stockholm (3 nights)

Travel: Flixbus from Oslo to Stockholm (7.5 hours).

Accommodation: Private room at Generator Stockholm (hostel).

Home to meatballs, Ikea and a very small statue, I fell in love with the Swedish capital. Made of 14 sperate islands, you can choose to explore the quaint old town of Gamla Stan complete with cobblestone streets and a palace. Or maybe you want to wander around the slightly more hipster Södermalm, home to some incredible viewpoints and more cafe’s than you know what to do with. If you’re eager to be indoors and out of the cold then head to the world’s longest art exhibit – the Stockholm subway system!

Stop 4: Helsinki (2 nights)

Travel: Overnight Viking Line Ferry from Stockholm to Helsinki (18 hours).

Accommodation: Private room at Eurohostel Helsinki (hostel).

Our final and definitely coldest stop, but don’t let that stop you from going! Full of pretty special experiences like walking on a frozen lake or indulging in a traditional Finnish Sauna, Helsinki surprised me with how much I enjoyed my time there. Make sure you take the ferry over to Suomenlinna Sea Fortress, an incredible UNSECO World Heritage Site. And don’t miss out on having a cuppa and the very Instagram worthy Regatta Cafe.

Travel: Flight from Oslo to London Gatwick (3 hours).

Other Suggestions.

Extra night in Oslo

Our time in Oslo was pretty jam-packed and very full on. Because of the way the buses worked we only ended up having just over 24 hours, which in my opinion probably wasn’t enough. If I were to do the night again I would definitely add an extra night in the city and explore at a more relaxed pace.

Head to Tallinn from Helsinki

Depending on how much time and money you’ve got I would definitely consider adding an extra stop in Tallinn. Just a short 2-hour ferry from one capital to the other you can easily explore both places in one trip. You could even head there for a day trip if you’re short on time.

If you do decide to head to Scandinavia and want any advice or recommendations please feel free to message me any questions you may have! And make sure to subscribe so that you don’t miss my individual city guides which will hopefully be posted very soon.

All my love,


How to explore Scandinavia in two week. Have a read of my two week itinerary including where to visit, how to get there and where to stay.

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