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I’m back. A little life update and a hello.

Where to start with this.

First of all, hello! I’m back.

Back from my 6-week interrail, which, just a heads up, you may get tired of hearing about! But also back on the blog after a bit of an unintentional break. So grab a cuppa and let me fill you in…

So yeah, I went travelling…

And if you didn’t already know that, then I think you may be a little lost.

I don’t really want to say much about that right now since that’s what most of my upcoming posts will be about but I am super excited to tell you guys all about it.

Excited to share my favourite things to do, in some of my new favourite cities. As well as lots of other tips and tricks and exciting stuff.

Now would be a good time to say if you are not into Europe or travel or European travel maybe give this blog a miss for the next few months…

I had such a wonderful time, it definitely wasn’t without its ups and downs, but I would go back and do it all again in heartbeat.

Obviously, that isn’t happening anytime soon. So right now I’m dealing with major travel blues while catching up on all the TV I’ve missed in the past 6 weeks. Any recommendations on that front would be more than welcome!

… Now back to reality… 

So I’ve been home for a grand total of 5 days. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but trust me when I say it feels like forever.

I’m trying to ease myself back into ‘normal’ life as slowly as possible because why does no one tell you just how tiring travel can be!

I’m exhausted and honestly feeling a bit out of sorts. That’s another thing they don’t tell you, how weird it feels once you’re back.

Mark came to stay at my house for a few days once we were home so last night was the first night in 6 weeks I’ve been the only person in the room when I went to bed. And I definitely wasn’t prepared for how disorienting that was!

I now fully understand why people just keep on travelling. Once you start not only do you not want to stop, but it’s actually really hard to go back to normality. At this point, I almost think it would be easier just to jump on a plane and head off somewhere new!

Although, that being said, I am very much looking forward to snuggling up in the comfort blanket that is normality for a while at least. It’s just gunna take a bit of time to figure out what normal is again!

For me, the first step towards normality involves something that, let’s be honest, I really do not want to do. It’s time to get a job.

It’s not the job itself that’s making me want to crawl into a deep dark hole, it’s whole job search, application, interview process that I hate. Particularly when all I’m looking for is a Christmas temp job. I mean it’s really hard to make ‘I want this job because I need money’ sound any more enthusiastic, but maybe that’s all part of the fun…

I’ve also got a UCAS application to fill out for my teacher training next year, which I’m kinda putting off because ew.

So yeah back to reality, which as you can tell I’m really excited about…

… And back to the blog. 

I know you shouldn’t apologise for taking time away from your blog, but I really feel like I should.

See the thing is I didn’t really mean to take a break. I even managed to write two and a half blog posts while I was away. But then the travelling took over and if I’m completely honest I just couldn’t be bothered!

Any time I wasn’t off exploring was spent either napping or just chilling in my hostel room. Full-time travel bloggers, I don’t know how you do it!

And honestly, now I’m back I seem to have lost all motivation for it. Which is also why you’ve been reading this rather rambly, not really about anything, blog post. Writing about nothing is always easier and I’m hoping it might kick start my motivation again.

I also kinda want to give my blog a bit of a makeover and re-write some old posts that I’m just not feeling anymore. But one thing at a time for now. So fingers crossed you’ll eventually get to hear all about my travels, you might just need a bit of patience while I sort myself out.

It does feel good to be back to writing though, so I’m sure it won’t take me too long.

One last thing, I somehow got locked out of my old twitter account while I was away. I have no idea what happened but I can’t seem to get back into so if you could follow my new one that would be amazing!

All my love,





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