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2019 and the future of World Meet Chloe.

Hello lovelies! And a very happy and hopeful 2019 to you all.

I’m back. Again.

I promise you wholeheartedly I didn’t actually plan or mean to disappear from the Internet. It just kinda happened…

Life has this funny way of throwing everything at you all at once and only screaming ‘catch’ at the last second. So, naturally, one of the first things I dropped was my little blog and space on the internet.

While that does make me a little sad, given how much effort I was putting into it, it was 100% the right decision and I have absolutely no regrets.

There was just no way I was going to keep on top of things, write my blog and look after myself all the same time.

But it’s a month and a bit down the line, things are looking up and I’m back. Back and very much hoping I’m not just left with my mum as my only reader…

A very unchristmassy start to Christmas.

Christmas was a bit of a strange one for me and my family this year. 

Sadly at the beginning of December, we lost one of the most wonderful women I have ever known, my Nanna. 

She was a force to be reckoned with. And has left the biggest hole in both my family and in me. 

When you lose someone it’s always incredibly hard. But when that loss happens around Christmas it seems to magnify the hurt. The universe feels like the most cruel and unjust place.

And honestly, it hit me harder than I ever imagined. I’ve still not properly processed it and it’s going to take a lot longer before that happens. 

So I hope it’s easy to see why my internet presence took a back seat.

I no longer saw my blog as important as I did before. I didn’t really see anything as important.

Losing someone close to you can really make you rethink certain aspects of your life and I lost all the energy I once had to create and write.

At the time I couldn’t think of anything I wanted to do less.

Christmas itself was good as could be expected. I spent my time surrounded by my incredible family and keeping myself busy at work.

And I didn’t once feel the urge to share any of it on Instagram, Twitter or my blog which was a bit of a new thing for me.

New year, new inspirations.

We’re now well and truly into 2019 and seeing everyone else set out their blog goals for the year has given me a little nudge to start writing again. 

There’s something about a new year that spreads a sort of infectious excitement. You have 365 blank days to do with as you wish and that’s an overwhelmingly positive and hopeful thought.  

And as usual, I’d forgotten just how much I enjoy the whole blogging process. 

So here I am once again, ready to dive back into my blog. I’m not gunna lie, I’m very much looking forward to it. 

So what does 2019 have in store for World Meet Chloe?

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to do with this blog and what I want to get from it. 

Taking a step back, even one I didn’t plan, has given me a lot to consider. 

When I started this blog, it was a hobby pure and simple. Something I enjoyed. And something that acted as an outlet for my thoughts, feelings, and creativity.

But I feel like I’d lost a lot of that. I was spending way longer than I’d like to admit staring at my stats, willing the numbers to go up. Blogging became more like work, something I felt I had to do, rather than a hobby, something I wanted to do. 

So what happens now? 

Blogging is not something I’m ready to give up just yet, so World Meet Chloe isn’t going anywhere. 

But I am going to take it a lot easier. So, at least for a while, I may not post as much or as regular. No more rushing to publish a post on time to keep up with schedule. Instead I want to focus on content I’m proud of.

And I probably won’t put as much effort into my insta and twitter, in case you’re missing me on those!  

There are some positives though. I will 100% be finishing my interrail posts so stick around for more of those. I’ve also got more trips planned in the next few months that I haven’t managed to tell you guys about yet! 

I’m also going to go back over some of my old posts and hopefully make them feel a lot more ‘me’ so don’t be surprised if you see some posts disappearing or changing. 

So here’s to a happy and healthy 2019.

And finally, whether you keep coming back to my blog or are a one time only reader, I want to thank you. Blogging wouldn’t be quite the same if there wasn’t someone out there willing to read what I say.

And I hope you all have a year that is filled with love and joy. 

All my love, 


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